The Founder




Leandro Primo D’Agostini wanted to fill a gap between finance and machine-learning technologies. He used his +15 years of experience as a trader and innovative technologies to found Kara Investments. Specialized in the use of mathematics and statistics-based algorithms, Kara Investments is the new solution for the new generation of savvy investors.

Certified from Harvard, Imperial College, Columbia University, and Microsoft he studied Data Science and Python programming as well as Machine Learning for Data Science and Analytics. He then used algorithm's technologies to offer a new solution for global investors, high risk-adjusted return in Bull or Bear markets. He has two masters, one in Finance and Investment Risk Management (London School of Business and Finance) and another in Capital Market (Universidade de Sao Paulo).

Leandro combined the potential of algorithms and machine learning with his trader expertise to offer innovation through dynamic assets. Therefore, providing a whole new opportunity to global investors.

The best of both worlds.



Our mindset? Always making a step further to provide the best services. We provide and design the best technologies to optimize the investment.


Honesty and trust are essential at Kara Investments. This is fundamental for building long-term relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders. We base our activities on ethical principles.

Customers centric

Our goal is to protect the client. The main objective? Find specific ways to improve the customer’s life, be an ally for the client and take care of the customer’s financial vision for their investments.


We want to be a leader in the finance industry and make a difference to create a new way to add value to your investment strategy.


At Kara Investments, we are always looking for excellence and give the best alternative for the client.


We are quick to react in any circumstances. There is no waiting when it comes to development and improvement.  


Offer the chance for everyone to have sustainable investments.
Empower our customers to create their future.
Create value for customer’s life.
Improve the customer experience in the financial industry.
Bring financial stability in the customer’s life and improve their well-being.

Kara Investments’ mission is to develop innovative investment algorithms offering new opportunities for global investors.
We transform trading.
Through the data analysis of prices, volume and volatility, our algorithms search the highest risk-adjusted return in Bull or Bear markets.
At Kara Investments, the clients invest easily even if they are not experts.