The perfect complement to your portfolio. 

Strong performances even when markets are going down. Providing additional return without compromising protection.


Fully developed by Kara Investments, our algorithms are solely based on mathematics and statistical analysis of price and volume. By doing so, we ensure our product remains objective and uncorrelated to financial indicators, thus optimizing the “Risk vs Return” trade-off.

What does that mean?

It means our algorithmic strategies are unique, reliable, and solid even in high-volatile environments. Kara Investments offers an investment asset that profits steadily whether markets are up or down.

The focus of our algorithms

Strong absolute risk-adjusted returns.

Positive returns in bull and bear markets.

Low market correlation.

P R O T E C T I O N    O N   C R I T I CA L    T I M E S

It is paramount for us that our algorithms perform in all sorts of markets, especially when markets are going down, delivering excess return and protection.


Race for return



Kara Investments has been outperforming global markets since inception.

Low market correlation, high returns and positive performances even when markets are going down.


S&P 500





Minimum initial investment: 10 certificates

Supplementary investments: 1 certificate

Withdrawals are possible daily.

Fairest fee system possible.

25% performance fee based on a high-water mark only.

A real partnership model.


Our swiss-partners charge 0.6% annualy to provide investors with daily liquidity, safety and global access through investor's bank account.

The money never really leaves your account.

Where to start?

By charging on performance, we commit ourselves and our algorithm to be in service of our clientele.

Your account must be constantly up for performance fee to be paid. Differently than our competitors, here you won't pay fee twice for the "same profit".


We need that you make money

So we can make money.