How do I invest?

To invest with Kara Investments, it suffices to buy our worldwide available Certificate (KARA INVESTMENTS EU50 AMC). To buy the certificate the investors simply instruct their bank with a buy order as detailed below:


Code ISIN: CH 1134836225

Order Type: BUY

Size: Number of Certificates


To confirm the status of the order the bank simply contacts the AMC Paying Agent, ISP Securities AG, Zurich at + 41 43 499 1443.

For more information regarding the paying agent contact us.


What are the final fees for my investment?

Administration fee: 0.60% p.a.

The administration fee goes directly for our collaborators as custodian, paying agent, and administrator.

Kara Investments’ fee:

Performance fee of 25% of profits, accounted with "high-water mark" method. Thus, your account value must always be above the previous higher closing value for new performance fees to be charged.

At Kara Investments you will never pay twice for the same profit.

What kind of trading commissions will I incur with a Kara Investments account?

Trading commissions are charged directly to NAV.


How does Kara Investments work?

The first and most important concept at Kara Investments is that the client is our partner! If the client does not make money neither does Kara Investments.
Therefore, our commitment to always delivering the best of services and always improving our technology is innate to us.

Clients can follow their account finest details due to Interactive Brokers platforms. And that transparency is particularly important for us.

What kind of investment do you offer?

Kara investments offer an investment asset that is an algorithmic trading strategy developed with the focus on delivering high risk-adjusted returns while maintaining a very low market correlation. The goal of our strategies is to make money not only when markets are going up but as well when they are going down so providing protection and decorrelation when needed most.

How does Kara Investments create a stable environment for the clients?

To create a stable and reliable environment for investors, Kara investments is always looking for the best technologies and the most competent suppliers and partners.

Find here below the entire structure of suppliers and partners that are part of the investment process. This companies are all highly regulated and comply with the best standards in their fields of expertise.

International Security registered under ISIN code


  • ISIN = International Security Identification Number

Product Sponsor and Manager: Capital Vision SA.

  • Capital Vision SA is a member of ARIF Geneva, a self-regulatory organisation registered with FINMA.
  • www.capitalvision.ch

Custodian/Broker: Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Ltd

  • www.interactivebrokers.co.uk

Clearance / Clearing Code: SIX SIS AG / ISP 116441

  • SIX is a Swiss Financial Conglomerate notably owner of the Swiss Stock Exchange.
  • www.six-group.com

Common Depositary: SIX SIS AG

What’s the account minimum to invest with Kara Investments?

The minimum investment is of 10 certificates for the initial investment and at multiples of 1 certificate afterwards.

Each certificate value is marked-to-market daily.

Issue price is of € 1’000.

Which means that those who profited to buy their certificates at the subscription period made an initial investment of at least € 10’000 (10 certificates x € 1’000).

Customer Service

Where can I find help if I need advice?

Clients can always contact us for non-urgent matters at
On the other hand, if you need urgent assistance do not hesitate to call us at
+41 79 881 70 35.